Top 10 Reasons to be at Larry Taylor's 60th birthday Dec. 12

Why You Should Not Miss This:  Sat. Dec. 12, 7:30 p.m.-2 a.m at the Water Hole,  14th and Western Av., Chicago


10.  Larry is Black and proud.  And he sings James Brown songs.

9.   Lots of people talk about Howlin’ Wolf. Larry doesn’t just talk. He howls.

8.  Chicago baby-boom blues men and women are the Kings and Queens now. Come watch them rule!

7.  We don’t know for sure, but we think most musicians prefer to be celebrated when they’re alive instead of after they die.

6.  The West Side is the Best Side.  (The South Side is too.) These musicians kick butt. Lively guest singers.  Don’t miss it!

5.  Larry is honoring his late musical parents, singer Vera Taylor and VeeJay recording artist, guitarist Eddie Taylor Sr. by carrying on their music, along with his brothers and sisters.

4.  Larry Taylor was part of Willie Dixon’s 1977 New Legends of Blues tour of Germany. He is among today’s blues legends.

3.  Larry is a drummer. Without the rhythm there is no band. 

2.  Larry is the Little Man with the Big Voice. Without the voice there are no blues.


1. Larry has the Rhythm and the Blues. (In fact, a movie by that name is underway, based on his life story.  


Admission $5 goes to pay the band! Over 21. Musicians welcome. Food from Ellie's Cafe in Beverly, SW Chicago.

HOSTS: Barrelhouse Bonni, Ms. Rodeo, Billy "Che" Brooks, David Atwood and Blanca Robledo, Laura Amaro, Cathy Stacey, Jim White

 Extra Donations will go to finish Larry's new album.  Tax deductible through Bonni's Fractured Atlas project 

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