Nola-Blue to Release Taylor album

"Generations of Blues"

Larry with his brothers and sisters play their parents' music and their own

Living Blues Hails Eddie Taylor 100th

Family Playing at Antone's Jan. 27 2023

In honor of what would have been their father’s 100th birthday, guitarist Eddie Taylor’s surviving children are celebrating in appropriate fashion. The four of them are taking to the stage in a show that’s part family reunion, part celebration of their father.

Eddie Taylor, who died in 1985 at the age of 62, was born in the Mississippi Delta, came of age in Memphis, and became a Chicago blues legend.  He’s perhaps best known for playing alongside Jimmy Reed but had modest success as a solo artist as well.  His wife Vera was a singer and songwriter as well, and died in 1999.

Taylor’s children, Brenda, Demetria, Larry and Tim are putting on a concert in honor of his centennial. It will take place Friday January 27 at Antone’s in Austin Texas. Taylor’s birthday is January 29. Along with being a legendary venue in a renowned music city, Antone’s was a popular stop for Reed and Taylor is still remembered fondly there.

“It will be a delight, you know,” Larry, Taylor’s stepson, said. “The thing I was hoping for was that I really wanted us all to come together and be a family band. Well, other things won’t allow that to happen, so we just have to do what we’re doing individually.  I’m glad that now we can come together at least this one major time to honor our dad.”

Larry is a singer, drummer and fixture in the Chicago blues scene. Tim is a drummer as well. Brenda and Demetria are vocalists, and Demetria’s solo album Doin’ What I’m Supposed to Do was released in August on Delmark Records to excellent reviews.

The siblings, along with the late Eddie Taylor Jr. recorded an album together a few years ago and are hopeful it will be released in the near future.

Austin Weekly News:  Larry's West Side Blues Quest:  2022

Francia Garcia Hernandez of  “Austin Talks” interviews Larry for the Chicago West Side neighborhood  Austin Weekly News about his efforts to revive the local music in community festivals

Larry Taylor leads the Soul Blues Healers in bringing blues to the Austin Town Hall Park on Chicago's West Side, August-Sept. 2022, in partnership with CAYTA.

Larry Taylor leads the Soul Blues Healers in bringing blues to the Austin Town Hall Park on Chicago's West Side, August-Sept. 2022, in partnership with CAYTA.

“Once you bring in the vibrancy, crime goes down." ” - State Rep. LaShawn K. Ford

Austin Talks, 2017, story on West Side blues for tourism, by reporter Xueer Zhang

British music fan Tony Moore, currently in Indianapolis, interviews Larry Taylor and Barrelhouse Bonni about the history and sounds of Chicago blues.” - Tony Moore, 2017


In the Chicago music community,WestSide singer and drummer Larry Hill Taylor is a crowned prince, the son of noted blues singer VeraTaylor and stepson of guitarist Eddie Taylor. In Stepson of the Blues, Taylor (with blues pianist Bonni McKeown) tells his story of strife and survival in Lawndale during the wild 1950s and 60s. A must-read for anyone, anywhere, who has a love and appreciation for the Chicago blues scene.” - Zondra Hughes, editor

— N'digo, 2011

Larry is now on Chicago's Cultural Asset Map!