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WHAT IS THE BLUES?  Larry Taylor's definition


 "The blues is an art and a science. It’s not about guitars.  It’s not about original songs. It’s about following generations who pass down the music to you.  That’s what all the legendary blues masters told me.

"Also, the blues started on the slave plantations— in fact, when my people were brought over in the Atlantic slave trade, they were humming on the ships and singing the blues. Because they were stolen from their home and taken in chains to a place they knew nothing about. 

"My grandmother told me when she was picking or chopping cotton from sunup to sundown, out in the field they would be singing the blues.  That’s what my ancestors sang to relieve the pain and suffering they were going through. And we’re still going through it today.

 "Blues is the originator of all the other great American musics. It’s in  jazz, soul, gospel, R&B, hiphop, rock, pop and country."

--LARRY  TAYLOR,  April 15, 2016



Larry Taylor: On the Blues: VIDEO