Larry Taylor: Chicago West Side Blues Heritage


Larry Hill Taylor, legendary blues singer and drummer, is the oldest in the musical family of the late singer Vera Hill Taylor and master guitarist Eddie “Playboy” Taylor—VeeJay recording artist, Jimmy Reed's music partner, who powered Chicago blues with the boogie and "lump." 

Larry Lean Lookup MUG  Today Larry’s a legend in his own right. He faithfully carries his Mississippi-born parents' traditions. With his band, the Soul Blues Healers, he brings the rhythm and spirits of his West Side Chicago neighborhood--from Howlin' Wolf to James Brown. The music brings people together.



April 2020: Larry Taylor among 13 Chicago DCASE "Esteem Artists"


NOV. 2022:  Larry brings blues back to his West Side hood: Austin Weekly News


SEPT 2021: Hush Hush!  Larry sings a Jimmy Reed hit at the City of Chicago Soul City Blues Fest on the West Side


AUGUST 2021:   Larry gets Wisconsin folks  on the dance floor at Blues on Chippewa fest with a James Brown song: Uhh!


JULY 2019: CAN-TV 27 Interview with Larry Taylor: West Side Blues


JULY 2018 VIDEO: Blues Reconnects Generations: "How Many More Years"


JULY 2018 VIDEO, Larry and Eddie Taylor Jr. at BLUES: "Messin with the Kid

APRIL 2018 Water Hole Juke Video in Memory of Sleepy Riley

Larry Howls at Linda's Lounge: with the late Killer Ray's band



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Larry Taylor: one of Chicago's 13 Esteemed Artists for 2020

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