Blues in the neighborhoods south and west

Summer of 2021, during the reopening after COVID lockdowns, Larry Taylor and the Soul Blues Healers took the blues to the southwest Chicago neighborhood of Beverly, to sing June 12` at Nicky's thanks to the Beverly Arts Alliance and Chicago Blues Revival.  Here they perform Little Milton's "Feel So Bad Like a Ballgame on a Rainy Day."  It only rained a few drops, before the show.  Musicians: Ice Mike and Joe B guitars, Abraham bass, James Carter drums.

Larry's band was invited, a month later, to play at the West Side's Awesome Austin Raspberry Arts Festival at the community garden at Third Unitarian Church.  Musicians: Brian Lupo and Joe B guitars, J.R. "Bootsie" Lee bass, James Carter drums.   Watch them play ZZ Hll's slow blues  "Leak in My Drain."

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