New Album in the Works! Help bring the Rebirth of Chicago blues

Larry Taylor: New Generations of Chicago Blues;

The Rolling Stones Got it Here


Have you heard?  The Rolling Stones this month released an all-blues album, Blue and Lonesome,  covering tunes by masters of Chicago blues such as  Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy…

West Side Blues Fest a Hit in Columbus Park

A peaceful and graceful evening in Columbus Park shows what the West Side CAN be!  Keep praying, keep working Chicago.   The area is going to leave behind the sorrow and conflict of gangs and drugs and gain back its historic…

Neighborhood Planning with the Blues

"We have a lot of talent on this West Side," said Congressman Danny Davis.  "But it's been disconnected."  Can blues and soul music help put a troubled neighborhood back together ?  Austin Weekly News blog "West Side Blues"…

West Side Fundraiser for movie with Rep. Danny K Davis

West Side showed up n showed out! Band leader Larry Taylor organized a West Side fundraiser for the Rhythm and the Blues movie ,sponsored by Congressman Danny K. Davis at Ashunti community center Sunday night. Also in the band you'll…

New Blues Ahead: 2016

Larry welcomed in the new year joyously with his old buddy Killer Ray Allison at the Good Times Lounge, with Doug on bass, Chris on drums, and Barrelhouse Bonni on keys.   Singers  Mississippi Wolf, Little Johnny and Johnny Harper also…

Top 10 Reasons to be at Larry Taylor's 60th birthday Dec. 12

Why You Should Not Miss This:  Sat. Dec. 12, 7:30 p.m.-2 a.m at the Water Hole,  14th and Western Av., Chicago


10.  Larry is Black and proud.  And he sings James Brown songs.

9.   Lots of people talk about Howlin’…


Scene from the movie

In this scene Leon plays the role of Larry's dad Eddie Taylor, after he and Jimmy Reed just lost a gig.  Larry produced and drummed on this song for the background music. Watch HERE

More about the movie at