Larry Sings in Chicago Blues Fest as Taylors Come on Strong

Larry Taylor sang two songs in the Chicago Blues Fest Saturday June 10.  A late addition to his brother Eddie Taylor Jr.’s act in tribute to their dad, Eddie Taylor Sr., Larry also marked Howlin’ Wolf’s birthday by choosing to sing the Wolf standard, “ Killing Floor.”

Another Taylor brother, Tim, played drums with Eddie and Larry. Rounding out the band quite well were bass player Karl Meyer, guitarist Rockin’ Johnny Burgin and harp player Martin Lang.
Taylor sister Demetria sang in her own act at the Fest on Friday.  Another sister, Brenda, hosted a booth of Eddie Taylor souvenirs, including T shirts like those worn by the band.

“It was a long time coming,” noted Larry, who had not performed in the city’s Blues Fest since 2008.  “I’m thankful and enjoyed playing with my family. The fans were looking for something from me, and I had to bring it to ‘em.”

Larry sings Taylor family Chi Blues Fest 2017

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